Dear Crabby, Should We Get a Security System?

Dear Crabby,

I have recently read about a few break-ins in my area and have been thinking about my own home’s security.  What is your opinion of current day security systems?

Sincerely, Connie Concerned

Dear Ms. Concerned,

I know this is a sensitive issue and that many people take added measures to protect their homes. For years, I personally relied on my dog and what I called “Arm and Hammer” to protect my family. You may not be able to tell from my picture here, but at one time I was in pretty good shape! I was ready to give any intruder a good intro to Boxing 101. However, as the years progressed and my raw strength alone was not enough to convince the missus, we had to explore other options. One year, I had to travel a little for work and, of course, the old “Arm and Hammer” had to travel with me. So we decided to call one of those monthly monitoring services to add more security to our home. I spoke to the sales rep on the phone and worked my negotiation skills to get us a great deal. I had the whole deal down to just over $100 for the install and was then working on getting a deal on their monthly cost as well. The missus told me that she wasn’t even sure we needed all this and that she may not even use it if I was home – I mean, who could blame her!  Finally, the install crew showed up and said they had to go over a few options before they installed our new system. I figured it was a waste of time since I had already picked out what I wanted, but I let them proceed. They begin talking about how smart thieves could break my windows and then my door sensors wouldn’t even help.  Then they said that they could clear out our whole first level and not even set off the motion sensor by the stairs. Next, they talked about our basement and how some fella could squeeze through that little basement window and start rampaging our house while we were still in it. I thought to myself, “These criminals must be like Tom Cruise in that Mission Impossible or something.” Then they really cut to the chase – the price. For only seven times what they had originally quoted me, they could protect our home like Fort Knox. I laughed and said they were out of their minds. They tried to throw another offer out there that could sort of protect our house for only four times the original amount I had agreed upon. Next came the clincher.  If I wanted to stick with my original plan, they would install it, but they wanted to warn me that it would not be very effective. I asked the missus what she wanted, knowing that she was only remotely interested and had already said she may not even use it. She turned and, to my astonishment, claimed that she wanted the Fort Knox system! She said we had to keep our family safe! I was so shocked, I couldn’t help saying, “Woman, now think – you’re not serious, are you?” Well she was, and I ended up paying those guys for Fort Knox all right. But you know what?  It has helped to keep our family feeling safe, and we have had no problems since we installed it. I guess it isn’t worth going for the deal when your security is at stake; at least, that is what their paperwork states!  So good luck, and make a wise decision.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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