Dear Crabby, Should we travel this Fourth of July?

Dear Crabby, Should we be nervous to travel this Fourth of July?

Sincerely, Pat Triotic

Dear Mr. Triotic,

I get the feeling you’re talking about the government warnings about heightened security threats that seem to come every Fourth of July weekend since 9/11. I am a person that feels strongly about keeping his family safe—I’m from that era—it’s the man’s job and that sort of thing. Therefore, I understand that “stay close to home” feeling of security.

However, if an attack was to take place, you never know where it will be. And, here’s the real reason you shouldn’t let anything like that keep you from doing what you want: If you let the warnings get to you, they have already won.

I remember an Independence Day about twenty years ago. We were not frightened of any terrorists—we were worried about uncles.

Up north, we had cabins on a lake—great Michigan summer that year—the entire family was on hand. There was a crazy uncle that no one seemed to claim and he would always bring a trunk-load of fireworks to every family function. With this being the Fourth of July, we figured he would go overboard. He did.

Dear Crabby with a Laptop ComputerI have to say, it started out pretty nice—lots of oohs and aahs—everyone was enjoying the show. Until.

He wandered back to his trunk to get more fireworks and he used his Zippo Lighter as a light-source to look in his trunk. He must have dropped it or something; because in seconds the finale started from the back of his Oldsmobile. It left him running and screaming like a little girl. Okay, we were all running and screaming. Rockets soared into the sky, through the trees, over the lake, into the lake, toward the cabins—everywhere—as the campground started to look like Vietnam, something had to be done.

Three of us men got his Olds into neutral and we backed into the lake. As the crackling booms died out, only a sizzle in the lake could be heard. That crazy uncle hasn’t been around since, but we still keep a look out.

Most of our Fourth of July events are calmer since then. We enjoy small community fireworks or catch the ones at Borden Park. Any way you celebrate the holiday, I suggest you do so with your family close by. Hey, and gas is still kind of cheap, so visit one of Michigan’s great vacation destinations. Sure the terrorists or an uncle could strike, you can’t worry about it. Enjoy the Red, White and Blue, cherish America and what it stands for, and love your family. That’s my advice.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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