Dear Crabby, Was that the Shortest Government Shutdown Ever?

Dear Crabby, Was that the Shortest Government Shutdown Ever, Seems Like it Ended Before it got Started?

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Dear George,

It did seem to end quickly, and since it was over a weekend, almost no one noticed. Personally, I love it when the government shuts down – who needs them anyway? – they don’t do much and when they do it upsets a lot of people. However, during a shutdown, most of the government keeps working, including the presidents. Although, President Bill Clinton took that time to chase interns around the Oval Office – that’s not fair, he did when the government was open too.

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It really should be called a partial government shutdown, for the most part, because most Federal employees stay working throughout. Only non-essential people get furloughed. The longest one was in 1995 under Clinton, lasting 21 days. Over half of all the shutdowns – there has been 18 total – have lasted five days or fewer. This one lasted just three days. Two others also went three days, two for two days, and four for one day – so this was not the shortest shutdown by any means.

But here’s a twist. For as long as I can remember, the Republicans always get blamed for government shutdowns. This time, the Democrats took the heat and caved. Of course, we’re not out of the woods yet … another shutdown is always looming. And unless you plan on visiting a National Park or Museum, why worry about.

Thanks for asking George!

Dear Crabby.

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  1. When we had the last government shutdown it was when my husband and I were in Hawaii and the Pearl Harbor Memorial was CLOSED!!!!!!!!! That made us crabby, Mr. Crabby. I mean really, when will we be in Hawaii again? Probably never. Lost opportunity

  2. That can be frustrating Crabby, did you think about that? Then again, in my travels something similar goes on in Europe, they strike – often – leaving tourists and travelers without transportation and with closed sites. I guess every country can have this issue.

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