Dear Crabby, What Do I Do About Scary Decorations?

Dear Crabby,

I really do not like all of the scary decorations that people put out for Halloween these days. My kids are young, and some of these decorations scare them and give them nightmares!  Why is it that people have no issue with putting scary props out on their yard, but if you dare to put a Nativity Scene in your yard, you face criminal charges?

Sincerely, Common Sense Mom

Dear Common Sense Mom,

You certainly make a good point about these different holiday traditions and the way people respond. I guess I would encourage you to do what you just did and speak up about it. My belief is that most people do not see much past their own nose or hear much beyond their own voice these days. If a skeleton hanging from a tree entertains them, then they hang it out there year after year. They do not even think about whether a youngster is having bad dreams about it or not. I know I have been guilty of doing this myself a few times in my life.  One time, when I was up north hunting with some friends, we had an issue with the crows coming in and bothering us near the cabin. We made up a scarecrow that looked a little too lifelike. We even put an extra jacket and hat on it to make it look real.  As we were leaving the camp, I had a big deer on the roof of my car that my buddy had shot, but we needed to take our scarecrow home too. Without thinking, I tossed him on the roof next to the dead deer and tied him face down with one hand dangling over the side of the car.  We had people gasping and honking and swerving all over the road as we drove down the highway.  It wasn’t until we stopped at a rest stop that I looked at our car and realized what it looked like – a dead deer and a dead guy both tied to our roof!  Well, we laughed about it after we realized what had happened, but I’m sure we gave plenty of people some nightmares that day.  The other memory I have is when I was asked to wear a huge Yogi Bear costume for a kids birthday party.  It was about eight feet tall with the actual head of the costume standing well above me so I had to look out a peep hole in the neck.  I was told to come running out and start dancing around so the kids would be excited and join in with me.  When the time came, I ran out and started jumping and dancing around like I was having a grand old time.  All of the sudden, kids were screaming and running away and calling for their mothers.  I tried to help and go after them, but they screamed even louder.  Finally, Mrs. Crabby grabbed my hand and told me to stop scaring the children.  As I turned around and saw my reflection in the window, I noticed that the head had fallen backwards and was upside down on my back.  I looked like the Headless Horseman running after these poor little kids!  I know for a fact, based on the letters we received the following week, that about a dozen kids had nightmares that month thanks to me! Anyway, be willing to speak up and expect that most people are clueless as to who they may be offending.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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