Dear Crabby, What do you Like about September?

Dear Crabby, What do you Like about September?

Sincerely, Autumn S. Cummings


Dear Autumn,

It’s a great time of year, as the kids go back to school I’m reminded of a column I wrote about that, What Does ‘Back to School’ Mean for you? And all that still holds true – I miss the grandkids already.

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September also means Giving Away Michigan Renaissance Festival Tickets, as I do every time this year. The event runs through the end of the month, and if you hurry, I can still answer a couple of your questions for a chance to win. Do I go and dress up, you’ll just have to read about it in Have you Been to the Renaissance Festival?

I’m also reminded that holiday shopping as begun … no really, it has. And I still think it’s Too Early for Christmas. However, it’s not too early to put yours truly on you holiday shopping list. Heck, make it easy on yourself and just send a thank you note written on the back of crisp new $100 bill.

Another thing about September, is the holiday weekend that just past. We often get the question, What’s the Difference Between Memorial Day and Labor Day?. Well, now you know.

I hope you take some time to reminisce with me by reading a few of my past articles. Ever so often I take a question and turn it into a roundup of sorts, our editor tells me that the Google Spiders (whatever they are) like websites to link to itself by linking to past blog posts. So, please click away and keep the spiders on your side of the web and away from me.


Dear Crabby

Want to win Michigan Renaissance Festival Tickets? Email me at and ask your question. If I use your question, you’ll win a family 4-pack to go to the festival.

You may also ask your question on my Facebook Page and don’t forget to tell me how wonderful I am.

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