Dear Crabby, What do you think about time-shares?

Dear Crabby,

My wife and I really want to go on vacation and I found one of these time-share companies that will fly us to Florida and pay for our hotel if we simply listen to their sales pitch. Is this a good deal?

Sincerely, Jim Nuttinfree

Dear Mr Nuttinfree,

If I have learned anything in life, I have learned that nothing is free. Of course nothing is guaranteed either, except for death and taxes! Mrs. Crabby and I usually stay away from these types of things, but we did fall prey one year when money was tight and I was feeling risky. We were driving through Orlando on our way to visit relatives in Florida and we had our young children with us. We stopped at Disney World and found out we would need to remortgage the house in order to take our kids in for the day! Then we saw this huge highway sign that said, “Free Tickets to Disney,” and I took the bait. We drove over DearCrabbyto this hotel lobby and asked about the tickets. They said, “Yes,” and explained that all we needed to do was sit through a presentation and decide if we wanted to buy a timeshare or not, then we got the tickets either way. I agreed and took Mrs. Crabby aside and told her that they would be pressuring us and that she needed to stay strong and not give in. She agreed and we went ahead. It was about a two-hour presentation and it was very nice actually. The timeshares were very spacious condos just off Disney property, we would get one week a year, and could trade that for two weeks a year anywhere else in the world.  It sounded nice. The salesman started out at $30,000 for the initial investment. The outright laugh that escaped my mouth must have tipped him to go lower. He came up with some story about this poor couple that came upon hard times and was willing to sell us their share for just $10,000. I scoffed again and he said he needed to go talk to the boss. Mrs. Crabby then needed to use the restroom and the salesman came back and said that he was given the deal of a lifetime. He said that a couple on the other side of the room was wanted to upgrade and I could have their original share for just $4,300, but I had to agree right then and sign quickly! I was thrilled with my good fortune and was getting the pen out when Mrs. Crabby walked back. She was shocked and asked what I was thinking.  So I calmed down and looked it over again. She was right; I almost got duped into it. It was one of those situations where they get the weaker species alone and go for the jugular! Well, thankfully the Missus was there to save the day again. So good luck and let me know how it goes for you!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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