Dear Crabby, What do you think about Weight Watchers?

Dear Crabby,

What do you think about the Weight Watchers program? I really like the simple point system they have, but my wife tells me that it is not the healthiest option for losing weight. I can usually eat my Mike and Ike’s and have ice cream as long as skip dinner and drink only Diet Coke all day, but she says this cannot be good on my system. I figure if I can do this and still lose 10 pounds, what’s the big deal?  Can you help me out here?

Sincerely, Candy Boy

Dear Candy Boy,

I would have to agree with your wife on this one. If your ultimate goal is to be healthy, this is not the method that will help you attain that. If you simply want to lose 10 pounds for now, and most likely gain it back next month, then keep repeating this cycle you are in. I do not claim to be a pillar of health, or the go-to example of what to do, but I do know that drinking only Diet Coke and eating Mike and Ike’s is not the way to eternal healthiness. The DearCrabbyGood Lord gifted me with a high metabolism, so the weight gain was not an issue for me throughout my life. I used to joke that every time Mrs. Crabby went on a diet that I lost another 10 pounds. I have eaten my fair share of rice cakes and fake chocolate goodies through the years. I guess the point is that you have to be clear about your goal. If your goal is health, then read and ask the right people how to be healthy. If your goal is weight loss, then simply pick of method of eating less and you will shrink down eventually. I know that to a guy that never struggled with excess weight this can sound overly simple to others, but that is truly all there is to the formula. Less in equals more off. All the bariatric surgeries and the diet pills amount to the same thing- you eating less and losing the weight. Think about it.  It’s really just math. If you want more money in the bank, save more and spend less. If you want more friends, then be kinder and be a friend to more people. The other part of the formula is to increase your activity level. You can go jogging or even just walk around the block a few times. But really that is math, too. If you calculate and burn more calories than you take in you will also lose weight. It all comes down to your effort. I say that you can use the Weight Watcher program to lose weight, and you can still be healthy. Drop the candy and eat an apple! We only get one chance on this trip down here on Planet Earth; let’s make it a good one! Let me know how it goes.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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