Dear Crabby, What does ‘Back to School’ Mean for you?

Dear Crabby, What does ‘Back to School’ Mean for you?

Sincerely, G.R. Little


Hello G.R.

Well, back to school means more traffic around town. Not just near the schools, but everywhere – cars cutting through subdivisions, filling all the surface roads, and making rush hour start earlier and end later. It means less time with the grandkids – I’m 50/50 on that one. But I’ll have to go (I mean I get to go) to their sports games, school plays, and dance nights. So busy these kids are nowadays. When my children had that stuff, they just did it, we didn’t go. But now, parents and grandparents have to attend every little event the grandkids take part in – why, seriously, why?

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Back to your back to school question. While the school buses race around town and minivans fill the streets, September means the start to fall. Fall means cooler weather (not including this week), leaves changing, apple picking, cider mills, and Halloween. And that leads us into the holidays … and I’m a sap for the holidays.

It also means we’re done with that back to school shopping nightmare.

In addition, it means I have to brush up on my reading, writing, and arithmetic. But the kiddos don’t come for help much since that common core fiasco began and I was a complete useless tutor for them at that point.

For me, back to school is back to fall. Even if I didn’t have grandchildren, all those pros and cons would still be out there. Enjoy or suffer through – you decide – I choose to accept and enjoy the parts I can.

Hope that answers your question!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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