Dear Crabby, What Does Spring Mean to You?

Dear Crabby, What Does Spring Mean to You?

Sincerely, April Cummings


Dear April,

Spring is a rebirth, a reminder, and a time to rejoice. I’ve written a lot about spring, and if you really want to know what I think about springtime, let’s peruse some of my past columns together.

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Dear Crabby, Is It Really Spring? The snow is all but gone here in the Rochester Area. Only small piles left from snow plows seem to be lingering. Soon kids will be cutting across my yard and outdoor activities will seem normal again. But don’t take the snow tires off quite yet. I’ve seem snow in April, lots of snow. Sure it doesn’t stick around too long, but it can be nasty. Ice storms. Freezing rain. Hail. Spring can be exciting. The weatherman states we’ll reach the low 50s by Saturday, but most overnights will still be below freezing. Yikes, I better keep the long underwear on for awhile … READ MORE

Dear Crabby, Do you like spring cleaning? Yes, I love spring cleaning and getting outside to work in the cold wet yard, just about as much as I like having a root canal or a colonoscopy. I am not sure if you have been paying attention for the last three years or not, but I am not a work-on-the-garden-and-talk kind of guy. My favorite part of spring clean up is hearing that it is all over. Mrs. Crabby learned years ago that if she wants a clean yard, she needs to hire some cheap teenager to do it for her. The extent of my spring clean up is taking the … READ MORE

Dear Crabby, Who’s Your Tiger? Of course, I’m a Detroit Tigers’ fan! Honestly. How can anyone not love this franchise? Although, with the passing of Mr. Ilitch earlier this year, it’s going to be an emotional season. I predict we’ll see lots of tributes—not only here in Detroit, but around the league. Mr. I was just that kind of guy. Hey! That rhymed! As for which player is my favorite, I might have an easier time telling you which one of my children still sets my teeth on edge. But let’s see if I can try … READ MORE

Dear Crabby, Do Robins Go South for Michigan Winters? I thought so, but I’ve seen those silly American Robins hanging around this winter too. If I had wings, I’d certainly fly south every winter and enjoy the sun. It’s one of those end of winter traditions here in Michigan – spotting the first robin – that let’s you know spring in on its way. I remember back when I was a kid, my father would always announce “I spotted the first robin this morning leaving for work.” He went to work so early I wondered what bird would be up before sunrise, but we took his word for it. Year-after-year, spring-after-spring, dad always spotted the first robin … READ MORE

So, it appears we must first determine spring is here. Then, we can plan our spring cleaning after opening day for the Tigers. And if you’re waiting to see you first robin as a telltale sign of spring, you might want to rethink that … they may have been hear all winter.

Happy Spring April!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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