Dear Crabby, What Happened to Global Warming, I’m freezing

Dear Crabby, What Happened to Global Warming … I’m freezing!

Sincerely, Bianca Frost


Dear Ms. Frost,

Well, the global warming folks changed the name to “climate change” a few years ago because the planet was not warming as they had warned. During the 1970s, the same folks were warning us the next ice age was coming – deep, heavy snow falls seemed to validate their concerns. So now, the climate change people warn that some areas of the world will warm while others will cool.

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Now, I sense sarcasm to your question. You may be a “climate denier” or you may just be an environmental whack job trying to get to me. I hope you’re just one of our regular readers with a sense of humor. The real question remains – why is it so darn cold.

The jet stream has dipped low into the U.S. bringing the artic temperatures it normally holds back. Researchers are puzzled – yet again. Some blame climate change. Some blame Trump. While others say, it’s winter, you snowflakes should recognize that. We’ve had years without summer and years without winter – I think weather is part of God’s sense of humor – it’s just what you get living on a planet hurtling around the sun as the entire solar system whips uncontrolled through space. It’s really a wonder we’re even here to discuss it.

Now, part my job is to sit on the fence and tease both sides about the other. That being said – it is cold out there and while I don’t really care what you think is causing it, I do care that you bring your pets inside, make sure older folks are watched after, and be extra kind to those who have to work outside right now.

Have no fear, you’ll be complaining about how hot it is in no time. Until then, dress warm, enjoy winter, and put another log on the fire.

Cold on the outside – warm on the inside – just like me,

Dear Crabby

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