Dear Crabby, What is Fan Fiction?

Dear Crabby, What is Fan Fiction?

Sincerely, Boy Wonders


Dear Mr. Wonders,

Holy Comic Con young man, even I know what Fan Fiction is. Basically, it’s a story created by fans of an original work, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, or Harry Potter. It seems more common with science fiction, mythology, fantasy, horror, and fable – but it can be any genreĀ to be fan fiction. Such as, I didn’t read it mind you, but Twilight was fan fiction, and by all reports was just horrible writing. They sold books, movies, and action figures – I must be doing something wrong.

It’s not just books. The Internet is booming with Fan Fiction. Sometimes I come across fan-created movies based on the Original Star Trek series – and you know what – it’s pretty good.Dear Crabby Gives Advice

Comic books, novels, plays, and movies can all be spin-offs from the original source. Most are not endorsed by the author who created the stories we’ve all read or watched, and sometimes there is legal action based on copyright infringement. However, a lot of the time the creators don’t mind too much because it just keeps the original story highlighted, which means more sales of the classic tale.

Fan Fiction is popular with young readers and geeks who just love anything to do with their obsession. Didn’t like an ending to book – there’s probably a fan fiction story out there that ends differently or takes the characters in a new direction and a new adventure. Do you miss Kirk and Spock – you’ll find them online going where William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy never went.

The best part of Fan Fiction is it’s usually really cheap, or even free on this Wide Web of the World computer thing.

Doctor Who, Superman, Mickey Mouse, and even Moses have all been re-written, for better or for worse, to give the world another take or a fresh start. And if you can’t find the Fan Fiction story you’re looking for, write your own and make a ton a cash – and don’t forget my finder’s fee!

Happy Reading Boy Wonder

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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