Dear Crabby, What is March Madness?

Dear Crabby,

It seems like everyone from President Obama to the kids next door have a March Madness Bracket they are filling out these days. What are these things for? They seem more important than tax returns to some people!

Sincerely, Nada Playa

Dear Nada Playa,

Well you must be living in some sort of box if you do not know what March Madness is all about. As you said, President Obama has gone on the air touting his bracket and many others in and out of the public eye have as well. But to answer your question, March Madness is the Division I men’s college basketball tournament to decide the number one college team in the country. I have filled out one of these little brackets myself every year just to make watching the games a little more entertaining. There is just something about wanting to be right that makes this hobby a little more inviting. As far as being more important than your tax returns, you should try sending this in DearCrabbyinstead of your taxes and see how fast President Obama responds to that. I have been with the same group of people that have a friendly competition with these brackets every year. The winner gets bragging rights for a whole year. I love to think that it will be me someday. The frustrating thing is when Mrs. Crabby beats me, as she has the last few years and she has bragging rights! There is nothing more humiliating in front of your male buddies than for your wife to rub it in that she beat you is a sport-related game. This year everyone’s favorite billionaire, Warren Buffet, has chimed in with an offer to give anyone who has a perfect bracket one billion dollars! Apparently if he loses, he will have to find a way to survive on his remaining 56 billion after that! So, get with the program and fill out a bracket! It’s fun and you never know, it might make you a billionaire!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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