Dear Crabby, What is Statehood Day?

Dear Crabby, What is Statehood Day?

Sincerely, Robin Bird


Dear Robin,

In short, Happy Birthday to Michigan!

Our beautiful state celebrates turning 180 today, which is Michigan’s Statehood Day. I’m sure other states have these celebrations, but none is more important than the one in which you live. Michigan, founded on January 26, 1837, is the 26th state in our union – putting us roughly at the halfway point of reaching a total of 50 marvelous states – Michigan being the best of course.

Here’s why. The Great Lakes! Okay, we only border four of them, but they’re the four best ones. Did you know, at the most you’re only 85 miles away from one. We have that great privilege because of Toledo. Our Statehood Day would have been sooner, but it was held up because we wanted Toledo to be part of Michigan – I know, what were we thinking back then – we lost Toledo and got the Upper Peninsula instead. We win twice for that one and we’re second only to Alaska for having the most coastline. But ours is all fresh water – no sharks, no salt water, and no jellyfish. Sunrise and sunsets are beyond breathtaking, and with a three-hour drive, you can go both. After we took most of the precious metals and trees from the U.P., we built Mighty Mac. The Mackinac Bridge opened in 1957, and connects us Trolls to the Yoopers, making it easy to enjoy both peninsulas in our travels across the state. Go see Avon Players’ production of Escanaba in Da Moonlight for more about Trolls and Yoopers.

But it’s not just the Great Lakes. Natural water falls, good in all four seasons, are highlight spots of the wonderful waterways. Our sand dunes are fun (they can wear out grandchildren) and Sleeping Bear Dunes is a National Lakeshore. Pictured Rocks is a big hit off Lake Superior – that’s the big, deep, cold one – is also a National Lakeshore.

And we have cider mills and the fall colors, some of the best in the USA, in September and October. I should also mention all the music, sports, and cars that have and continue to come from Michigan – but that would be a long list – trust me, we have it made with all that as well.

So, Ms. Bird, that is what Statehood Day is all about. And by the way, our state bird in the Robin – but I bet you knew that. They’re celebrating in Lansing today, and the Crabby’s celebrate Michigan everyday of the year.

Happy Birthday Michigan – you look good for being 180!



Dear Crabby


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