Dear Crabby, What is up with ‘Duck Dynasty?’

Dear Crabby,

Why is everyone so crazy about Duck Dynasty these days? All I see are a bunch of country guys with long beards acting goofy and shooting ducks! Half the world loves them and half the worlds hates them. Why all the fuss over these guys anyway?

Sincerely, Duck Dude

Dear Duck Dude,

I have only watched one episode of this show on television. From what I saw these guys seem to enjoy family, faith, and ducks. They also appear to make a lot of money from their duck business. I heard that the television people were going to cancel their show due to the father making comments about his faith. I did not hear all the details, but I think if people have strong faith and convictions we should respect that. If you do not believe the same way, then you should turn the channel. Heaven only knows there are people on television that I don’t agree with and I do not waste my timeĀ DearCrabbywatching them. I also heard that people are offended that they shoot ducks and enjoy hunting. Again, I tend to think everyone has a right to their own druthers! It makes me laugh when people are appalled at the thought of hunting, but are wearing leather shoes and eating a Big Mac at McDonalds! The large food companies slaughter thousands of animals at a time to make all the food we consume! I think some animal rights people turn a blind eye to these realities while they complain about a father and son shooting a duck to eat for dinner. My dad used to say that we are all only down here for a hundred years or so, so let’s get along and make the best of it! I’m sure I will offend someone, but I say let the duck guys have their show and let the public decide for themselves whether or not to watch.

Sincerely Dear Crabby

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