Dear Crabby, What is with all the Superhero movies?

Dear Crabby,

Why do boys today seem to love these superhero movies? It seems like every couple months another one comes out and is on every fast food cup and printed on kid’s underwear, yet again. Even the men seem to go crazy over these movies. I don’t get it, why do like them so much?

Sincerely, Wondering Woman

Dear Wondering Woman,

I know that boys in general, both big and small, love to imagine what a superhero life would be like. I think for boys and men alike, the ability to throw off the normal and rescue his loved ones is more than appealing. There is something deep within us men that makes us want to fly, fight, and rescue on demand. I can remember being between five and eight years old and reading about Superman in the comics and deciding that it was my turn to fly. I asked my sister if she thought it was possible, and of course she was all for me jumping off high places. I stood on the top of our ten step stairs and stared at my new future. I envisioned flying down my hallway and off into the sunset! I stood back and leaped to better tomorrow, only to find that gravity and density would still prevail. As I landed and banged my head against the wall at the bottom of the stairs, all I saw were stars and everything slowly fading to darkness. Turns DearCrabbyout it was only a mild concussion. My poor sister almost needed an operation to remove the popcorn she was choking on from laughing so hard!

Well my mother suspended my flying license after that and I had to limit myself to just dreaming of being a superhero that could fly. However, I still had the ability to run through walls when I needed to. My sister convinced me to keep that one for a rainy day as well. So here we are, the little guys and the big guys, all wanting to be superheroes and society had been so gracious as to create these comics, books, and movies about the heroes I grew up with. I think you should give the boys their two hours to pretend and watch the movies and then let them come back to reality – isn’t that what women go shopping for anyway? I mean come on, my cousin used to sell shoes at a ladies shoe store and these women would come in who clearly wore shoes at size seven or eight and would ask to try on a size four! I used to laugh, but my cousin would go along with them every time and then make some sort of comment that this particular brand tends to run small. He would get them a size seven and sometimes take the size label off the box even. He was the number one salesman for the company. I, on the other hand, was not very good. I just said things like, “Look lady you are clearly a size eight!” So I guess we all need to find what makes us feel good and have the other people all leave us alone. Let the boys have their fun and I’ll get you some super small shoes to wear.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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