Dear Crabby, What Sort of Advice do You Give?

Dear Crabby, I’ve Heard through the Rochester Grapevine that You give Advice, What Sort of Advice do You Give?

Thanks, Mr. Curious

Dear Mr. Curious,

Today, I give all kinds of advice to all kinds of people – mostly to those who never asked for it – however, once per week I take a question from someone like you. My answers will change your life … sometimes I’m told, for the better. Here at Rochester Media my minions, um, I mean co-workers riffle through stacks (I imagine) to find the best ones. They pass those on to my proofreader, Mrs. Crabby, and she “suggests” which one I should answer. I believe she picks the one she feels would take the most time – therefore getting me “out of her hair.”

I’ve answered questions about TV shows, movies, garbage haulers, and who to vote for. I’ve giving advice about taxes, holidays, travel, kids, spouses, and sports. I’ve even talked about space travel, leggings, clowns, and hoaxes. Really, I can answer any question you throw at me. I think we stay away from hot-button issues, unless it’s just to good too pass up. We also skip the questions that may be part of a legal matter – I don’t want the “man” coming down on me.

Some questions I’ve not been asked yet … Well, I’ve haven’t been asked “Who’s your favorite Kardashian?” or “Who would win the fight, Terminator Vs. Alien?” or “Does anyone still use a pager?” But the year’s still young – I’m not – so ask soon if you need to know.

Speaking of asking me a question – if your question is selected as one I answer from now until September 1 – you will win a family four-pack of tickets to the 2017 Michigan Renaissance Festival. So, be creative and ask away!

Oh, and read: Dear Crabby, Why should I ask you for your opinion about my life’s questions? for more about this topic!


Dear Crabby


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  1. Dear Crabby, my dear hubby is talking about retiring in the near future. Heck, I just got rid of the kids! I know he’s going to walk around strumming his guitar for 2 weeks then be bored out of his mind. Any suggestions for me so I don’t lose mine?
    Signed, not ready for a full time husband

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