Dear Crabby, What Sports are on TV Right Now?

Dear Crabby, With Everything Being Canceled, What Sports (if any) are on TV Right Now?

Sincerely, Missy May Sports


Hello Missy May,

I’m missing my sports too! Being locked up (so to speak) without much to watch. I’m already tired of the virus news on TV … I know, I know … we’re a hot spot. But I just am tired of it all. The kids and grandkids can’t come near me, and Mrs. Crabby keeps her distance (but that’s nothing new). So what is there to do or watch?

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Well, if you like sports replays, you’re in luck! Almost every sports channel out there is replaying past games and highlights programming. And if you missed that game or just plain forgot who won like I did, then it’s kinda new. There are still some pre-season shows with analytics, interviews, and forecasts. But without knowing – really – when everything will start again, it’s a little like predicting the weather for 2021 – it’s all going to change by the time we get there.

There is a thing called eSports, which stands for electronic sports. It’s a virtual sport, like a video game for professionals. It’s very realistic, and for those who normally watch NASCAR I bet those fans won’t even notice a difference with eNASCAR. Speaking of video games, or online gaming, you could sign up to play people from around the world – from cards to chess, from baseball to hockey – there’s something for everyone. None of that is really for me however.

One live sport remains – Horse Racing! It’s prime horse racing season and many tracks are still racing, but without spectators. Normally, winter and spring racing leads all horse racing fans to Louisville for the first Saturday of May for the Kentucky Derby. However, without 180,000 fans at Churchill Downs there’s no money it for them – so it’s been postponed until this fall. Nonetheless, to keep the horses active and fit, live racing continues in several parts of the county and around the world – again, no spectators, no owners, and just a few people, like the jockeys, are allowed in – and they’re screened everyday. So, if you want to watch LIVE SPORTS, horse racing is still going on, for now anyway.

So there you have it – Replays, eSports, or Horse Racing – take your pick.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby.


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