Dear Crabby, What Spring Projects will you Tackle this Year?

Dear Crabby, What Spring Projects will you Tackle this Year?

Sincerely, Joe Crastinator

Dear Joe,

Ah, yes, it’s that time of year when we all see spring as a time for rebirth, cleaning, and projects. The never ending task of getting your life organized. Planning for the future starts now …

I know Mrs. Crabby is already working on her honey-do-list for me … I hear her jotting down tasks while mumbling something about keeping me busy and out of her hair.

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Last year, we had all kinds of time to stay home and get things done. Item number one on my list was to trim the hedges. Okay, I thought, this should be easy. I went out to the shed for the first time since fall to find the electric hedge trimmers. When I opened the shed door, it scrapped along the ground, reminding that the hinge was wearing out. So I decided to fix the hinge right away … before I forgot again.

Back in my garage, I was riffling though a drawer of miscellaneous hardware – I knew I had a spare hinge that matched the one on the shed door. I didn’t find it, the drawer was a mess. So I emptied all the miscellaneous drawers, boxes, and cubbyholes – with that sort of thing laying around – into a big pile to sort through – it really needed to be done. And wouldn’t you know it, I cut my finger on something sharp in that pile, ouch!

While dribbling blood through the house, I made my way to the bathroom to find the last band-aid we had, it was a Hello Kitty band-aid, clearly one we had gotten for the grandchildren – they’re always getting little boo-boos. The girls loved them, but not the boys. And since we were out of band-aids now, I got in the car to head up to CVS to get some more.

Forgetting where I was going – or maybe out of habit – I drove straight to the hardware store instead. I roamed around for at least an hour. I looked at new electric hedge trimmers, but mine were just a couple years old, so I didn’t need one yet. I checked out their supply of door hinges, but I know I’ll find that one somewhere in the pile at home. They had band-aids, but none that would fit the needs of boys, girls, and Crabbys alike.

The kid at the register rang me up – I got beef jerky, BBQ potato chips, a pair of winter gloves that were on clearance, and a new flashlight with the Detroit Lions logo on it … my hope is that the flashlight is a winner and the logo won’t jinx it.

So this spring, my number one priority on my honey-do-list will be to trim the hedges – somehow, I never finished that project – nor did I really finish any of my tasks from last year. I wonder if it’s more about keeping me busy, than me actually completing the list.

Anyway, good luck with your honey-do-list,

Dear Crabby

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