Dear Crabby, What Super Power would you want?

Dear Crabby, If you could have just one, what Super Power would you want to have?

Sincerely, Lainie Lane

Dear Lainie,

Just one … um? Well, to pick just one we should look at a few of the popular ones, such as super human strength, flight, super speed, x-ray vision, invisibility, telekinesis, telepathy, and the power to control the elements. Of course, there are all kinds of super powers, but the famous ones are always the conversational powers.

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Super human strength, like the Hulk, would be wonderful to have. You would never be afraid, could carry anything, lift anything, win every fight, and pick up girls at the beach (literally and figuratively). Mrs. Crabby would have me doing more chores and I’d never be allowed to go to the beach again.

The power to fly is certainly appealing. No need to go through security at the airport is probably the nicest part of that deal. Superman might look good in a cape but I wouldn’t, and people rarely let me in when I knock on the door, let alone a window on the 100th floor.

To be like the Flash and have super speed would let me get a lot done in a day. I already feel like the family has me rushing around now, can you imagine all errands they would have me doing. And while you might be super fast, I’m guessing you’d be super tired too.

The teen boy inside me is giggling a little when I think about having x-ray vision. School would have been fun, but I would have gotten into trouble with that one. Now, I can’t imagine what that power would do for me.

Invisibility would be cool. For one, you wouldn’t need many of the those other powers. I could walk on to airplanes without going through security or buying a ticket. X-ray vision is not that big a deal — compared to invisibility — if you could be anywhere you want and not be seen. But I fear it may be chilly, unless you can make your clothing invisible too.

Telekinesis, telepathy, and the power to control the elements are all super powers of the mind. And while moving objects by thinking about them or reading someone’s thoughts is intriguing, I feel that the power to control the elements would be the best one. Snow storms when I didn’t want to go some where, rain when Mrs. Crabby wants me to wash her car, or a clear forecast for my vacation time. Yup, that’s the one I’ll take. Give me a big hammer and call me the Almighty Crabby!

So now you know mine, what Super Power would you want? Tell me in the comments.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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