Dear Crabby, What Was Your Favorite Story from 2015?

Dear Crabby,

I’m a loyal reader of your column and I was wondering out of all the topics you wrote about this past year, which one was your favorite?

Dave Devotée

Dear Mr. Devotée,

DearCrabbyFirst, thanks for reading my column. You have excellent taste in reading material. Of course I think everyone should be reading it because clearly I’m the go-to authority on pretty much everything. My grandkids will tell you that’s because I’m older than dirt, but I like to think it’s because God blessed me with superior intellect and the ability not to give a hoot what anyone thinks. Secondly, you want me to choose just one topic? Whew. That’s a toughie since I find my weekly dose of wisdom to be so darn indispensable. So, I think I’ll take a page out of David Letterman’s playbook and give you my Top Ten, well Top Five favorite Dear Crabby posts.

5. Why are There So Many Michigan License Plates? – How else are we supposed to let other states know we’re better than them when we’re on vacation?

4. How Do the NFL Teams Get Their Names? – It ain’t east being a Detroit Lions fan, but there’s always next year, right? I have every confidence that feisty Martha Ford will get the team straightened out.

3. What’s the Big Deal About ‘Fat Tuesday?’ – If you missed this momentous occasion in 2015, circle February 9, 2016 on your fancy new calendar now. Paczkis are worth every calorie and we should be grateful Michigan is superior enough to have them.

2. Why Does Starbucks Hate Christmas? – People lost their minds making a mountain out of a molehill about a stupid red cup. What about the outrageous price Starbucks charges for coffee? In my opinion, that’s the real injustice.

1. Would You Vote for Donald Trump? – Remember when people laughed at Trump and thought there was no way this blowhard would win over voters? Pretty sure the only person having the last laugh now is Trump, who is supposedly tied in the polls with the other Clinton.

Thanks. That was a fun stroll down memory lane. Hope you’ll stick around in the new year as I continue my insightful commentary on humanity’s idiocy, I mean idiosyncrasies (Mrs. Crabby got me one of those word of the day calendars for Christmas).

Happy New Year and don’t do anything stupid!
Dear Crabby

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