Dear Crabby, What were your Favorite Stories of 2018?

Dear Crabby, As you Reflect on Last Year, What were your Favorite Stories of 2018?

Sincerely, Remy Nisse


Hello Remy,

You could have asked what were the best stories, most important, or biggest stories of 2018, but you asked me, what were my favorite stories – thank you for asking.  Well, the story that was all of the above, was certainly the story of when 13 people were trapped in an underwater cave in Thailand – remember that one? What a saga. Twelve boys and their soccer coach took a tour of the Tham Tuang Cave in Thailand. Heavy rains flooded the cave and scuba divers had to bring them out. Sadly, one of the divers died while supplying oxygen to the group in the cave. But they did it! Two divers per stranded person, a guide rope, and three miles of swimming with some parts completely under water – now that should be a movie with the profits going to support future rescues.

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Another story that was a favorite, mostly because it bothered so many and seemed to change nothing, was that of Net Neutrality. Free speech, big business, blah, blah, blah. I was concerned, but I’ve not seen any issues since we went back to the way things were in 2015. But the drama and social media posts – so entertaining.

The story Bill Clinton should have commented on, was that of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Even without his take on things, this one was not only entertaining, but timely. No matter your side of the drama, it was another reminder how much further we need to go in this country (and the world) to put a stop to sexual abuse and misconduct. Don’t get me wrong, it’s far better than it was in the 1950s or 1960s or 1970s – each decade we do better – for that matter. Whether you “believed” him or her, this kind of story goes on everyday and everyday someone is believed or is called a liar, and too often the truth is missed.

Closer to home, was the Carson’s closing. Sad news for local shoppers who seemed to love that store. I loved the deal on shoes they used to have. I could find a pair that fit, for a good price, with ease. But then I had to wait for Mrs. Crabby to spend another two hours finding the pair that worked for her – seriously, the women’s shoe department was 10 times the size of the men’s – I won’t miss that part of the trip to Carson’s. And, for all you who lost out on not using your gift cards in time, you’re still out of luck, but it’s interesting that Carson’s has reopened – online that is.

Oh, I liked how the Rosanne Show was cancelled so quickly, that was fun. I hated the show, loved her attitude, and could care less it’s gone. A lot of build up and let down – I find that funny.

And there are several Trump tales that are fun, but I’m rather bored of that same story. Too many fun people died, Aretha and Anthony, and some got married in a royal way. We voted in pot and women swept the last election. And we put away Larry Nassar – that’s a good end to long horrible story.

I feel bad that so many of the stories out there that were my favorite had terrible threads of details running through them – I find the drama and comments from the public the entertaining part – I wish we built up all the positive stories out there, and they are there, just hard to find. Like the one about the giant plastic collector sucking up garbage in the oceans. But my favorite story is the about me! I’m still here, answering your questions (somewhat), every week. I’m sure that’s your favorite as well.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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