Dear Crabby, What will you do if you win the Powerball?

Dear Crabby, What will you do if you win the Powerball game?

Sincerely, Justin Curious

Dear Mr. Curious,

Many Americans this Thursday will be checking their tickets to see if we won any part of the record-breaking jackpot of the Powerball game. Of course, we”re all dreaming of the grand prize of over $1.5 Billion! Paying off debt, buying a new car, becoming a world traveler, and giving to charity are some of the many options people are thinking about.

Reminds me of this friend of mine, Tim. Every week Tim would go to church and pray to win the lottery. On his knees, whispering to God about why he should win. He would take care of family and friends, give back to church, and help the needy. He thought he was being quiet about it – funny how sound travels in a church – every week for years he would mumble a similar invocation. Tim was tight with his money and we wondered why he would waste his time with the lottery.

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Well, word got around and we all chuckled behind his back, but he truly sounded as though he had his heart in the right place. We just thought he would give up one day. He did not. It continued each week and when the lottery got big, the whispers got louder and longer, “Please Lord, I promise to do good deeds with the money,” and “I”ll take care of those in the church … I just need a little for myself.”

A few years ago when the lottery was at one of those recording-breaking amounts and Tim was praying extra long, we waited outside for him. All of a sudden, he came bounding out the church doors screaming about needing to buy a ticket and getting a message from above! Come to find out, our sound guy took advantage of Tim being alone in the church and quietly, with a deep voice (after one of Tim’s whispering prayers) spoke in the mic, “MEET ME HALF WAY, BUY A TICKET.” I guess our sound guy called his bluff guessing he never had even bought a ticket, but thought he could win.

Anyway, if the news tells me someone won, I’ll be happy for them. If it”s me, I”ll want a little for myself, give a bunch to Rochester Area churches and non-profits, and maybe, just maybe, stop being crabby all the time. Of course, if there is winner from Michigan and I can’t find Mrs. Crabby or the lottery ticket, I’ll probably will be even more crabby.

Best Wishes and don”t forget to buy your ticket!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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