Dear Crabby, What’s Better, Skiing or Snowboarding?

Dear Crabby, After hearing that the Ski Resorts were open I thought I should go, but what’s better, Skiing or Snowboarding?

Sincerely, Cindy Slidski

Dear Cindy,

Ah, one of those age-old questions that comes up every winter, and even more so this year since winter sports are some of the few things people are allowed to do right now. People are flocking to ski resorts every weekend in Michigan … and you want to be one of them?

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Okay then. Personally, I like skiing, but that’s because when I learned to ski there was no such thing as snowboarding. And when it got started in the 1980s, it was new, considered dangerous, and everyone thought it would just be a fad.

Well, it’s no longer new or a fad. And if you have ever skateboarded or surfed, then snowboarding might be your next thing. But unlike those other two sports, that you ride and are free to jump off anytime, with snowboarding you are locked in … and that seems scary to me. And so I ski.

And if you’re like most humans on the planet, skiing comes more naturally than snowboarding. Just like shoes, you have one ski per foot. And just like most sports, you move in a forward direction like your body was designed to do. That’s why more people learn to ski than learn to board. However, it’s almost 50/50 on the slopes. While most people that hit the slopes take up skiing, only some become lifelong skiers. Snowboarders on the other hand, tend to learn it, love it, and live it … all season long, year-after-year.

Skiing can be harder on the old knees than boarding, but most of the injuries out on the ski hill are related to snowboarding. Either way, you need to be careful out there with whichever one you try. I suggest getting a lesson from a professional and don’t repeat what happened when I tried to teach Mrs. Crabby to ski.

Most the ski resorts offer more learn to ski programs than learn to snowboard programs. So as a newbie, again skiing makes more sense. But if you’re really adventurous, why not both?

Enjoy Winter!

Dear Crabby

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