Dear Crabby, What’s on your Table for Thanksgiving?

Dear Crabby, I’m Curious about how Famous Writers like you Celebrate the Holidays, What is on your Table for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Thanks, Curious George


Hi George,

What ever Mrs. Crabby makes is on the table.

While that’s mostly true, and I love her cooking (that’s mostly true too); I bet you want a better answer. Well, turkey is the main course – of course – as it should be. I love turkey, turkey sandwiches, drumsticks – any way it comes – for days of leftovers. And turkey is traditional.

Dear Crabby Gives AdviceBack in 1621, at our nation’s first Thanksgiving, turkey and waterfowl was the primary course for the feast. Pigeon, duck, goose, and swan were all on the menu, as well as venison, fish, and corn. The colonists and the Wampanoag natives sure knew how to eat. However, they did not have potatoes or cranberries yet, luckily we do now. They probably had carrots, onions, garlic and pumpkins too, just like we do today.

So, for dinner on Thursday, there will be a big turkey, lots of side dishes, and a ton of desserts. I don’t I’m surprising you with anything out of the ordinary – our Thanksgiving is very traditional.

Mrs. Crabby is off the hook these days for making big meals. We let the children do all the heavy lifting – I’ll only be lifting my fork for the holiday. I’ll start with the turkey, have more turkey, knock back some side dishes, and hurry on to the dessert – pumpkin pie, apple pie and cherry pie. Then I’ll move on to ice cream.

After my nap, I’ll do it all again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Crabby


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