Dear Crabby, What’s the Best Adventure Getaway Idea?

Dear Crabby,

I have some really adventurous friends that want to go somewhere to experience a thrill.  Have you or your kids ever done anything crazy? Where can we go?

Sincerely, Eva Kenevil

Dear Ms. Kenevil,

Well, I may seem like an old geezer now, but I did know how to have fun in my day. I did a handful of crazy excursions with buddies, from motorcycle racing to sail boating in the islands. One of my craziest memories happens to have been on a sail boat that I rented while on vacation.  I am a very amateur sailor to say the least, but when I was younger my father taught me to sail a little Sunfish sail boat around one of the little inland lakes we used to vacation at. Being “experienced” in my own mind, I decided to rent a sail boat while on vacation in the Hawaiian Islands.  The weather was so windy and the waves were crashing so furiously that the local guys didn’t want to rent us any boats. “Are you experienced?” they asked. I knew the answer to that, “Of course I am!” I said without hesitation.  My friend, who travelled with me, wasn’t so convinced.  He and I went out and were having a grand old time – until I got caught up in a wave and my little boat broke in half!  My buddy maneuvered around to me so I could grab on to his boat, and thankfully, we made it back to shore.  The locals weren’t so impressed, but at least they didn’t charge me for the boat! If you are not a sailor, like me, you may want to consider white water rafting. I remember going to West Virginia with a group of college friends back in our day.  We stayed in tents about a mile or two from the rafting point. The morning of our rafting trip we were all getting dressed for the occasion by putting on ripped up t-shirts and bandannas over our heads. All of the sudden, one of my buddies came out wearing dress shorts, a button up shirt, and a leather belt. As we all stared at him, another one of my buddies quipped, “We’re going rafting, not yachting, you dork!”  We all had a good laugh as my embarrassed friend quickly went to change his attire.  The rafting turned out to be an excellent adventure.  We did a medium strength rapid, which got all of us in the raft completely soaked. There were many scenic moments and few hair-raising ones as well.  It’s worth the money if you are looking to get your heart rate up for a few minutes.  At my age, I am just glad for the memories – if my heartbeat goes up too much it may just end up stopping!  Good luck, and let me know how it all works out!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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