Dear Crabby, What’s the Cutest Animal in the World?

Dear Crabby, What’s the Cutest Animal in the World, and not Just as Babies, but Those Who Stay Cute their Entire Lives?

Sincerely, Bellus Lepus


Well, Bellus, I don’t normally think about animals as being cute or ugly – I normally rate them based on taste and flavor – so I would put cows, pigs, ducks, and chickens at the top. However, I bet you’re looking for a ranking as far as looks – soft and cuddly – are concerned. But what will be the criteria?

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Lots of women will say every animal is the cutest at the moment they see them – and in their eyes, at that moment, they may be correct. But let’s set some ground rules. I’ll look at animals everyone will recognize, because the list could get quite long. You said “animal,” so I won’t look at fish, amphibians, or reptiles. Nor will I look at birds, bugs, or crustaceans. Otherwise, green sea turtles, blue tree frogs, Puffins, and butterflies could be in contention.

There are certainly many animals from around the world that cute and cuddly – as babies, but as adults I draw the line with those that can kill or eat YOU. So, Polar Bears and Cheetahs are OUT, and so are Hippos. What about some cute exotic animals, like the Slow Loris or Leopard Seal, NOPE, they can kill you too – OFF THE LIST. But all animals have teeth and claws, so all animals could hurt you, right. This is true, however we’re looking to find the cutest animal in the world and we can’t have too many exclusions.

So, we narrow it down to common animals that probably won’t kill you, which are cute and cuddly their entire life. Sure, cats and dogs are on the list, but not all of them are as cute as others. I’ve come to two choices, rabbits and otters. Both are super cute throughout their lives and both do funny things. Given that most people recognize a rabbit more often than an otter, and I’d rather be bitten by a rabbit than an otter, I’ll have to go with rabbits, even though I’ve waged war against them.

Bunnies are the cutest animals in the world! Final answer.

Dear Crabby.


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