Dear Crabby, What’s the Difference Between Lollapalooza and Paddlepalooza?

Dear Crabby, What’s the Difference Between Lollapalooza and Paddlepalooza?

Sincerely, Your pal Lola

Dear Lola,

Seems as though you can take any event and add the ending “palooza” to it and now it’s something bigger and better. In my day, we just added “o-rama” or “a-go-go” to make something sound more interesting. So, “palooza” comes from Lollapalooza, a rock concert created by some band named Jane’s Addiction. Apparently, this Jane person and whatever her addiction was, wanted to tour one last time and make a big deal of it. In 1991, this big farewell tour began. It was so well received that it ran until 1997 (that’s a long farewell). It even came to Michigan a few times … to Pine Knob Music Theater I believe. Anyway, it petered out, then it was revived, petered out again (quickly), revived again (more quickly), and now Chicago is its home base. That’s Lollapalooza.

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Paddlepalooza, is something completely different. It’s an event where paddlers paddle canoes and kayaks down the Clinton River from Auburn Hills to Rochester Hills. Some do it just for fun, but most sign up to be race participants. They have a men’s and women’s division, as well as a two-person canoe category. Search our website – we’ve covered it for years.

But the real treat is the bragging rights competition between the two mayors of Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills. Since 2009, Auburn Hills has won five times, while Rochester Hills has won only three times. Barnett needs to step up his game!

They are both annual events with crowds and cheering, and you’re likely to find sweaty people at both, but they are very different events. If you’re interested: Paddlepalooza is this Saturday with Mayor Bryan Barnett and Mayor Kevin McDaniel headlining and it is close to home. Lollapalooza is in Chicago in August with Bruno Mars, Jack White and something called Arctic Monkeys headlining.

Have fun with whichever one you go to. Me, I’ll be sitting home and thinking about creating Crabbypalooza, or maybe CrabbyOrama. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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