Dear Crabby, What’s the Story with Those Flag Shoes?

Dear Crabby, What’s the Story with Those Flag Shoes that Nike was Selling and Now They’re Not?

Sincerely, Pat Triotic


Dear Pat,

Yes, all over the news we’ve heard about the latest way Mr. Kaepernick is showing his true colors … and they’re not Red, White & Blue. I’ve talked about this gimmicky person before – you know  – the guy who can’t stand during the national anthem. I’m not going to rehash what’s right and what’s a right, and what’s wrong. But this guy (and probably Nike) is just using the issue for marketing. It’s about money.

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Nike was using the 13-star U.S. Flag to sell shoes. Then, ol’ Colin put in his two cents worth and now they’re not selling those shoes … as a marketing promotion. It was all planned in my opinion. Why on earth anyone would spend that kind of money on a shoe is beyond me anyway.

Look, part of me says the symbol of the flag shouldn’t be used to sell something, promote something, or represent something – other than America, our values, and our freedom. But it’s that freedom that gives us the right to do the wrong thing – even if someone profits from the use of the image – it’s their right (I guess I am rehashing this).

The U.S. Flag, current or past, is not a symbol of anything other than it’s intended purpose – America. And if someone feels it means something else, they’re the ones putting a different meaning to. Betsy Ross, legend or real, signifies a birth of that Flag (again, any version of it) with 13 stars, 48 stars, or all 50 stars, and it means freedom. I remember when a bunch of politicians (mostly on the left) wanted to make it illegal to burn the Flag in protest and a bunch on the right said no, it’s a person’s right to do so, even if we didn’t like. Many Veteran’s, some in wheelchairs, spoke and said things like “I didn’t fight for that Flag to take away anyone’s right to burn it.” Where are those politicians today?

We need Ms. Ross today more than ever, not to sew a new flag but to sew some mouths shut!

We wave Old Glory for all Americans to have a voice and to stand up for what they believe in – even if it means dissing the symbol that supports their right. But I have yet to hear a clear or intelligent remark from Nike or Kaepernick (who works for Nike) about the issue, it’s just (again, in my opinion) a marketing gimmick to promote themselves. So, it’s my right to buy another shoe, stand for the national anthem, and skip listening to a football player who couldn’t get signed and had to resort to becoming a loud mouth to make a living.

Happy Independence America!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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