Dear Crabby, What’s Up with Jim Carrey?

Dear Crabby, What’s Up with Jim Carrey?

Sincerely, Fannie Funny


Ms. Funny,

I’m sure you’re referring to the craziness that flowed out his mouth during an interview at New York’s Fashion Week, where actor/comedian Jim Carrey spoke about how there really wasn’t a Jim Carrey and “there are just things happening …” I had to look this up to answer your question, I don’t watch that kind of TV.

Anywho, I could tell you he’s a comedian, and that should explain it. Or, I could tell you he’s Canadian or a celebrity, and that should explain it too. Actors who spend time in Hollywood become nuts after just a short time. They play so many roles they forget that there is a real person inside of them. Characters and drama are all most of them know. And the powers that be in Hollywood tell them what to think, feel, and believe.

But I think Carrey is different. Somehow. His rant about thoughts and not really existing pays tribute to the fact that we are all very small in the big picture of creation. While we are special, unique, important, and mean a lot to our family and friends, there is something much larger than ourselves. A presence only a few can feel, constantly whispering thoughts and ideas, cues if you will, as we make our way across the stage of life.

I believe Carrey explained this, or just transferred the thoughts floating into his ear and out his mouth, in a way a comedian would. Listen to the thoughts and ideas that come to you, but ignore the voices in your head, that’s my advice.

So go be Funny and enjoy the moment.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby.

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