Dear Crabby, What’s up with this Warm Weather?

Dear Crabby, What’s up with this Warm Weather, it’s supposed to be Winter, right?

Sincerely, Sonny Dey


Good Day Mr. Dey,

Who’s complaining? Sure, there are some winter-lovers out there who may be griping about the warmer-than-usual temps hitting the Midwest these days, but I don’t know too many. You’ve got guys who love ice-fishing – but they just fish the local rivers. You’ve got your skiers and snowboarders – but all the local hills made a ton of snow and they’re still using gravity and snow to have fun. And you’ve got your snowshoeing people and fat tire bike riders – but they can just jog or ride regular bikes in this weather. So, I guess what I’m saying is all the winter outdoor enthusiasts are just fine. They’re still outside getting fresh air and enjoying life. Well, I’m not.

What I mean to say is, I’m enjoying my life just as much as they are. I’m just doing it outside. As far as I’m concerned, winter is just a way to make summer be all that much better in my book. So, I don’t mind the spring-like conditions. No snow to shovel, no ice to slip on, and it helps with the heating bill. And I didn’t have to listen to Mrs. Crabby tell me about how cold it was outside after going to get the mail and how I should have gone down to the mailbox for her. “You get the mail, I pay the bills,” I would say, “you want to trade?”

Yes, we joke about it every time. Just remember, IT IS STILL WINTER, and spring is months away. Cold, ice and snow will return soon, I’m sure of it. So I say enjoy the break of the winter-action. Even the Fire & Ice Festival is still a go. They had to make some changes due to the warm weather, but I bet it will be a big hit again this year. We’re going, and taking the grandkids. You’ll find me in the warming tent enjoying hot cacao and sweets.

Winter will come back – it better – I don’t want to do start the spring cores yet!

Stay warm and keep reading,


Dear Crabby

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