Dear Crabby, What’s Your Favorite Season?

Dear Crabby, What’s Your Favorite Season?

Sincerely, Autumn Taker


Dear Autumn,

Your name says it all – the season I like best is Fall. We are blessed to have four wonderful seasons in Michigan – granted, Winter lasts too long – but the Autumn is the best. While I hate to see summer end, the fall months bring so many good things our way.

Football. Fortunately, we have good collage teams to supplement our lacking of a professional football team, unless you want to count the Lions (at least they have cheerleaders now). The kids go back to school. Who doesn’t like that idea? Halloween. Candy. The Fall Color change. Absolutely gorgeous in Michigan. And we have cider mills.Dear Crabby Gives Advice

Our area has five decent cider mills everyone should visit at least once per season. Here is my tip to get the best from each. First of all, you should be able to sample the cider at each mill – they all have a little different taste – find the one you like best. Here is why you visit each one:

Paint Creek Cider Mill – Apple Cider Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake

Goodison Cider Mill – Their World-Famous Pistachio Nut Bread

Rochester Cider Mill – Their Flavored Cider, such as Blueberry or Peach

Yates Cider Mill – Beautiful Location, Family-Friendly, tons to see and do

Middleton Cider Mill – Old-Fashioned Candied Apples

Speaking of cider mills, our own Michael Dwyer will leading a cider mill hike with the walking group, The Midweek Meanders, next Tuesday. Sounds like fun. You get to visit two mills, get a bit a cider-making lesson, and taste-test the cider and donuts. And most of the members are retired folks like I am – so I should be able to keep up!


Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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