Dear Crabby, When will Livernois Road Construction be Finished?

Dear Crabby, When is the road construction on Livernois Road by Rochester High School scheduled to be finished, or at least enough so southbound Livernois can be reopened?

Sincerely, Arlene Kay


Dear Arlene,

According to the Road Commission for Oakland County, Livernois Road construction will be completed by “late fall” – I assume they mean this year – but you never know.

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They started way back in June.

Throughout the entire project, Northbound traffic is to remain open and only the Southbound traffic has a detour. As you probably know, it’s only one mile, from Walton to Avon Roads. It’s a complete reconstruction with new curbs, gutters, and ADA compliant sidewalks – besides the new road itself – with upgrades to the guardrails and retaining walls.

As you might be, I’m curious how this is all working with Rochester High School open and all the Rochester buses be housed right there (did they temporarily move them?). It’s sure to be a nightmare – even more now with school traffic.

Once I hit construction traffic for the first time, I avoid that area for a long time. I wait to hear others telling me the road is open again. In fact, I’ve become pretty good and cutting through neighborhoods to avoid major roads altogether. It’s great, everyone should do it – and seems like they do already – must be fun for homeowners as well. I’ll tell you right now, I drive under the speed limit and obey all traffic signs – but most cut-through traffic does not. I see a lot of minivans with parents driving way too fast, rolling stop signs as if they were blinking yellow lights at four in the morning, and doing it all with a cell phone up to one hear. It’s really quite amazing we don’t have more accidents and crashes. Any who, I probably upset all those soccer moms behind me by driving too slow and coming to complete stops at all subdivision intersections (even the ones without stop signs because you can never be too careful). And you know what, I still get to where I’m going on time – granted, “on time” is a silly term for a retired, I don’t even wear a watch, old guy … but it works for me.

Anyway, back to Livernois Road. Looks as though Southbound is scheduled to be detoured throughout, while Northbound is scheduled to be open the whole time – even though cars will be driving on the wrong side while they work on the other side. And with a little more digging, I discovered “to be competed by late fall” to actually mean late November, which is basically when all road construction ends in Michigan anyway – thank goodness for winter.

Drive safely, Dear Crabby


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  1. Well, Crabby, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one obeying the speed limits and stop signs in the “cutting thru neighborhood” travel. It amazes me how fast minivan moms (and dads) drive thru the subs, especially with all the “please slow down, watch for kids, drive like your children live here, etc” signs that are scattered thru the streets. I wish the sheriffs would patrol more often. Granted, I’m a retired former soccer mom but I would never drive like that in any sub including my own. God forbid one of those folks hits a child.

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