Dear Crabby, Where are our School Colors?

Dear Crabby,

What is going on with the Rochester school colors? I grew up in the Rochester area and Rochester Adams was brown and yellow. I just drove through Rochester and all of the high schools have a red and white RCS sign. Where are our school colors?


New RCS Logo

Sincerely, Henry Highlander

Dear Henry,

I took a second and third glance, as well, while driving by and thought the same thing. It seems to be part of the new branding the Rochester Community Schools have done with their new logo – you may remember the old one, the big railroad looking “R” that the district phased out a couple of years ago. A dark red and white logo with “RCS” on it, using medium gray and black trim tones, is the new logo. And that is the color scheme on the new signs at all three Rochester high schools.

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The technology of the new signs makes a lot of sense – easy to update, easy to read, easy to change – with bright LED lights that use less energy. Although, I wonder about the people who live across the street from them – Are they too bright? Or will they cause traffic accidents?

However, they are far from the obnoxious Oakland University sign at Walton and Adams Road. Not only is it an eyesore, it’s very, very bright and full of ads – it’s got to break some sort of local ordinances, but’s no one from the city will take on OU (I’m guessing).

Anyway, back to your concern. Since your question came in, I’ve watched those signs a bit more. They rotate through Rochester school news, and I’ve noticed that when they get to something related to that high school, the trademark colors of that school are displayed and used in the announcement.

And, they rotate important dates, school announcements, the American Flag waving, and more. Take another look like I did, I think you’ll see the school colors are there – maybe not all the time, but certainly not forgotten. The Highlanders, The Falcons, and The Cougars are well represented.

All the schools, including the junior highs and grade schools, are sure to be sporting these new signs in the new future as well, so get used them!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby





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  1. Our tax dollars at work? Not sure that’s how the latest levy was sold to the public…..While they are informative to the segment of RH involved with the high schools, they probably are of no interest to the rest of the population. My concern would be distracted drivers. Wonder how long it will be before we see an accident at one of those schools due to drivers trying to read the signs and drive at the same time.

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