Dear Crabby, Where are pajamas appropriate?

Dear Crabby,

Since when did it become acceptable to wear pajama bottoms to the store or the movies or anywhere outside the boundaries of your yard? And I’m not even talking about sweats that can go either way. For several years now, I’ve been seeing men and women wander into a public place wearing everything from Dora the Explorer (worn out) jammie pants to satin jammie pants. It’s an awful look and even my children (in their 20’s) find it something to point at and laugh. Am I just not with the times?

Overdressed at Kroger

Dear Overdressed,

I have indeed seen some interesting outfits these days. Probably the most entertaining ones are found at Walmart. As long as they are fully covered, I am usually content enough! Sometimes I think it’s Halloween all year long around that place. They even sell matching clothes there, and they show pictures of what normal people should dress like, but it still doesn’t seem to help. I do know that sometimes clothes are invented and used for a specific purpose, only to take on new meaning later. For example, when I was a young lad, I was given these white sleeveless t-shirts to wear under my regular button up shirts. They were originally called “undershirts.” They were fantastic! Sometimes, on a hot summer day, one would take the outer shirt off and just enjoy the heat of the day in their undershirt. A few years later, some guys must have done some inappropriate things wearing these because they became known as “wife-beaters.” I was so disappointed! I liked these shirts, but not with that connotation. Then in recent years, a company makes some really tight workout shirts and calls them “under armor” and they instantly become popular! Oh well, what can you say? I guess we need to send out the fashion police and get these people to start serving time for these crimes. Until then, I guess you and I will just have to bite our lips and look the other way. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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