Dear Crabby, Where Can I Find Out About Events Around Town?

Dear Crabby,

Is there an event calendar anywhere that lists all the events happening in the Rochester/Rochester Hills, Michigan community? Of course, it probably won’t have everything, but as many as possible?

Arlene B.

Dear Arlene,

Well, we certainly live in a great area where there never seems to be a shortage of things to do. And there’s nothing worse than FOMO. That’s cool kids slang which means, ‘Fear of Missing Out.’ My grandkids once asked me how we found out about things and such before Google. Simple I told them. We just told the women and that’s how word got out. In fact, I can remember my dad saying if you wanted to spread information just, ‘Telegram, telegraph, or better yet – tell a woman!’ Of course, my mom would roll her eyes if he ever said it within earshot, but there was a grain of truth to it. In my neighborhood, if you wanted information to get around fast, you told the lady with the loosest lips. It was around the block and back in five minutes. My grandkids thought that was pretty efficient given back then we were living in the ‘dark ages’ (that’s any time before the internet). Whippersnappers!

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But back to your question about where you can find the most comprehensive list of goings on in the area. I guess it depends on what kind of events you’re looking for, but one place you could start looking is on The Community Edge Facebook page. They do a pretty good job of getting the word out of what is happening in Rochester, Rochester Hills, and some of the other cities that are nearby. Then of course there’s the Downtown Rochester website where you can search the event calendar or their ‘what’s happening’ page to see all the really big events in one place. Now since Rochester Hills doesn’t have a downtown, per se, you might want to mosey over to The Village Shops of Rochester Hills Facebook page for a few ideas. If you are a sassy senior like me and your significant other forces you to be social every now and again, my final suggestion would be the Older Persons’ Commission. They have a schedule that’s so jam-packed you could be busy from sun up to sun down. Usually I need to take a nap after reading all the activities they offer. But I shouldn’t complain since it gets Mrs. Crabby out of the house for a few hours, a few days a week.

Hope this answers your question. And who knows? Maybe we’ll run into each other while out on the town. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Dear Crabby

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