Dear Crabby, Where Can I Go Sledding?

Dear Crabby, I’m New to the Area and I Want to Get my Kids Outside this Winter, Where Can I Go Sledding?

Sincerely, Yukio Neve


Dear Yukio,

Great idea! Go run around in the cold for a while and work up a sweat … is the same thing my doctor told me not to do. But for you, it may actually be a good idea. You’re in luck, we have lots of hills in Rochester Hills, and besides needing a sled, having hills is the next important factor when “sledding.”

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When I was a kid, we used to go sledding down Main Street from South Hill to the bridge. However, our parents, the fire department, and the local law enforcement frowned upon that form a snow day activity. We said it was better than throwing snowballs at passing cars and that just led into a whole afternoon of questions, which seriously ate into our using long icicles as swords competition later that evening. So, to avoid my youthful nonsense, try one of these local “approved” sledding hills.

Stony Creek Metropark, just northeast of Rochester in Shelby Township, is a wonderful park with a ton of things to do. In the winter, you’ll find a bunch of land to sled and cross-country ski over, and even ice fishing when the ice is frozen. Take your own sleds and visit the Gladview or West Branch picnic areas. Cross-country ski rental is available. Make sure they’re “open” for winter activities before you go and you’ll need to purchase the daily pass, which is $10.

Closer to Rochester, you may visit Borden Park or Bloomer Park. Both have sled hills. Borden is free but the hill is smaller – great for taking the younger children to. The older kids will probably like Bloomer better with three higher sled runs. But it does have a longer walk to get to the hill and there’s a $5 daily use fee.

Have fun soon, the snow is melting!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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