Dear Crabby, Who came up with graduation open houses?

Dear Crabby,

Who in the world came up with graduation open houses? I mean there are so many every year and these kids just end up partying all summer long. Why isn’t it customary for the kids to throw the parents a party?

Sincerely, Iwanna Mydues

Dear Iwanna Mydues,

I can appreciate that sentiment – wanting the kids to throw us a party! It is strange; you pay for these kids from the moment of birth until they graduate high school, and the cost increases each year the whole way through. Then just before they embark into adulthood, they stick you one more time for a huge party that costs a fortune. My guess is that some kid came up with this concept and got a few parents to buy into it and then it spread like wildfire. Kind of like bell-bottom pants! Some kid had a sewing class project go horribly wrong, and instead of dealing with the laughter and mockery, he told his peers that it was fashionable in Europe! That’s what everyone says that has a goofy new look, and there is very little way to prove it. Next thing you know, Europeans and DearCrabbyAmericans alike are wearing goofy clothes and dancing to awful music! But back to this graduation party concept: to rub salt in the wound, these kids want you to pay to throw them a party, then give each one of their friends a cash gift on top of that! I understand that graduating high school is a monumental event, but it is also expected! No one throws me and my friends a party if I take out the trash, or do my taxes, or even do both for four years straight! I have been doing both for over 50 years and no one has yet to throw me a party! So I say we start a new trend. If kids want a graduation party, then let them earn the money to pay for it. We should also make kids earn the money they give their friends at these parties. Then we would see a dramatic scale-back movement in these parties. I am guessing they will consist of a few bags of potato chips and some water, accompanied by handmade cards that have only well-wishes and advice inside. This should even the playing field and show kids that life is not free, nor is it met by lots of parties and free gifts. Of course, that being said, maybe that is why some parents throw the party – it’s the last hurrah! I guess each family has to make their own decisions and stand behind them. I am kind of glad those days are behind me now. I do get to go to an occasional graduation still, and when I do, I enjoy all the free food and drinks I can. Good luck and happy partying!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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  1. Perhaps, parents should make a deal with the graduate. Keep a running tab of expenses to host the party and then get reimbursed after the party. The kid can keep the profits after that …

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