Dear Crabby, Who can use Essential Oils?

Dear Crabby,

I am new to this essential oil routine. Can anyone use them? Do they really work? If they have been around for thousands of years how come we are just now hearing of their benefits?

Sincerely, Need Ann Oilchange

Dear Need Ann Oilchange,

It is a sad day when people are coming to me about advice for using essential oils! I am a cranky old curmudgeon that is old school when it comes to health care. However, I do have a daughter and a wife that love this stuff and have been using it for years. Now that I am seasoned in age and have all these new “fun” conditions to deal with, these essential oils actually seem to be coming in handy. To answer your last question first, I guess they really have been around for thousands of years. The Bible mentions that the Wise men brought frankincense and myrrh oil toDearCrabby the Christ child over two thousand years ago. Frankincense is mentioned 22 times in the Bible. It is also referenced in many ancient texts dating back to the 15th century B.C. So why is it that we are hearing so much about it now? Well, there is a company my daughter has been working with called Young Living that is making these secrets from the past available to everyone who wants to learn more about it today. For senior citizens and us old dinosaurs they have a whole line for issues like constipation, diarrhea, and incontinence! The names are fairly well known, too. My daughter has me take ginger, mandarin, and peppermint for these things. At first I thought I was taking a cooking class, but I guess these spices all hold some healing agents that make us feel better. She also has me take rosemary or lavender for my arthritis and rheumatism. The interesting thing is how you ingest these oils. You can use a diffuser that blows it throughout the whole house or you can rub it on yourself directly. Whenever I walk in her house and it smells like oils I shout out, “Who is sick this time!” She always says no one needs to be sick to use essential oils though. Mrs. Crabby has even gone to using the oils for perfume and for deodorant. I get too mixed up to use these for everyday things like deodorant. Last time I thought I was using the one for deodorant I used the laxative one and that made for an uncomfortable evening out! At my age if I can just use them as healing agents that is good enough. But I have seen them work and it is amazing the history behind them if you do some research. The ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, and more were all seen using them in some form or another. Try it out and let me know how it works.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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