Dear Crabby, Who is Ricky Gervais?

Dear Crabby, Who is Ricky Gervais and Why is Everyone Talking about Him?

Sincerely, M. Scott


Dear M. Scott,

Well, like you, I had no idea who he was either until all the hoopla about his monologue at the recent Golden Globes. There I was, a Sunday evening, flipping TV channels with the grandkids only to come across his rant about Hollywood. Now, I don’t make a habit of watching award shows – I think they’re all fixed to start with and I don’t care for celebrities – however, the family was over and we were watching the television. And there on screen, was Ricky Gervais, calling out so many, so quickly … I was in awe!

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The best jokes are those based in truth, and he nailed it, line-after-line. I was laughing out loud, and smacking my knee with each Hollywood insult. Some of the grandkids had never heard me laugh before, apparently, and that was a extra treat for them. Thankfully, some of the stronger language was bleeped out, but Mrs. Crabby took a few of the grandkids into the other room anyway.

So this guy, Ricky Gervais, is an English stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and some other things according to the internet … I had to look him up. I can’t say I’ve seen any of his programs, but I guess he’s well known for The Office. Ricky loves pets, is a dog owner, and fights for animal rights. He’s loud, crude, rude and in-your-face. He tells it like it is and he just doesn’t care. He’s really a younger version of me, with a modern twist … and has more money. His current program is called After Life, and airs on something called Netflix.

Now, many conservatives nearly leaped out their red state skin to celebrate his rant about Hollywood. And as I’ve said, it was good, darn good. It was funny and true – although he claims they were just jokes – again, the best jokes are based in truth and he roasted them. Most of them laughed, not really knowing what else to do. Plus, they don’t care much either. And now Gervais is a good guy for the right-wingers out there.

But trust me on this, he’s not a spokesperson for the Republicans. And if he were to vote in our country, I don’t think the President would get his blessing. He’s an Atheist. He’s a comedian. He tells jokes. And Hollywood is super easy to make fun of, which he just does it quite well. I pray (because he won’t) that he gets to do it again!

Now, back to flipping channels, I’m trying to find reruns of Adam-12.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby


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  1. Dear Crabby,

    Loved this article enough to say so publicly (which is something I seldom do). You knocked it out of our Municipal Park.

    Thank you.

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