Dear Crabby, Who Should Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Dear Crabby,

A Friend Told Me that all Mom’s Should be Honored on Mother’s Day, is that True? My Mom has Passed Away, so I was Wondering Who Should Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Thank you,

Mum’s the Word

Hello Mum’s the Word,

Mother’s Day is a very special day and is certainly nothing to be silent over. A day to celebrate all moms, not just your own – you’re friend is correct – so start stocking up on cards and chocolate now. While it is sad you cannot be with your own mom on Mother’s Day – I know where you’re coming from – but we need to honor all the moms in our lives.

So, everyone should recognize their spouse’s mom, as well as their own, and grandmothers too. Don’t forget your wife if you have children, and her sisters if they are moms. That means your sisters as well if you’re an uncle. Aunts – sure they can be mom’s too. How about the single mom across the street, yessiree Bob, remember her too.

I know this from experience. As a young man, I was thrilled to give mom that card I made in school with my crayon-drawn words saying “I Love you Mom” and macaroni glued on in the shape of a heart. But then, while dating Mrs. Crabby, she informed me needed to give her mom a gift – several ideas came to mind while I was recovering from the shock – why did I have to give a gift to anyone but my mother? A similar thing happened when we started having children – her mom (who got a card from me and not a one way car trip like I was pondering way back when) told me I had to give Mrs. Crabby a Mother’s Day gift – why did I have to give a gift to anyone but my mother?

This question kept coming up, over and over, in my life. The short answer is everyone woman who is, was, or going to be a mom soon – is honored on Mother’s Day, end of story. I suggest you pick out one special mom and make sure she gets all the pampering she deserves. Moms bring life into our world and the least we can do is to give them one full day off. We men, need to do all the cooking, cleaning, and caretaking for “Mothering Sunday” (one of the original names for the holiday) – don’t worry if you get it right or wrong, it’s the thought and effort that count.


Dear Crabby

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