Dear Crabby, Who’s Your Tiger?

Dear Crabby,

I am so excited for Opening Day! While I love sports in general, there’s really nothing like springtime baseball in Detroit. So, I was curious: do you like baseball? And if you are a Detroit Tigers’ fan, which player is your favorite?

Casey Cooperstown

Dear Mr. Cooperstown,

Of course, I’m a Detroit Tigers’ fan! Honestly. How can anyone not love this franchise? Although, with the passing of Mr. Ilitch earlier this year, it’s going to be an emotional season. I predict we’ll see lots of tributes—not only here in Detroit, but around the league. Mr. I was just that kind of guy. Hey! That rhymed! As for which player is my favorite, I might have an easier time telling you which one of my children still sets my teeth on edge. But let’s see if I can try. There have been some great guys on the team this last decade or so, but I prefer the classics. Ty Cobb is considered by many Tigers’ faithful to be the best to ever wear the Old English D. Obviously, I never saw him play (I’m not that old), but if I could recreate that movie Field of Dreams, I sure wouldn’t mind throwing a pitch to one of the best batters baseball has ever seen. And speaking of our beloved “D,” did you know that back when Ty was rounding the bases, the Tigers had one manufacturer making their uniforms, while another did their caps. It was all done by hand! That’s right. The “D” for the uniforms was cut from felt and sewed on and the “D” on the baseball caps were embroidered. Mrs. Crabby once asked me to sew a button on my shirt and my fingers barely survived! Anyway… another player I actually got to see play (barely) was Hank Greenburg. Man. I’ll never forget that day. Somehow my dad had been able to get tickets and I was the lucky offspring chosen to go. Gosh, I could go on and on about players throughout the years that enjoyed watching. I’ll tell you who I really miss: Sparky Anderson. He was quite a character and gave a lot to the city. So to recap: I love Detroit Tigers baseball and there are too many great players for me to list here. If you’re going to Opening Day, be safe and have fun. I’ll be watching from my La-z-boy with my Crackerjack.

Play ball!
Dear Crabby

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