Dear Crabby, Whose Superhero Side Are You On?

Dear Crabby,

Now that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been out for a few weeks, I’m curious to know which superhero you side with.
Diana Prince

Dear Diana,
DearCrabbyYou know April Fool’s Day was last week, right? There’s a better chance of me getting a tattoo on my fanny than going to see this movie. Don’t get me wrong. I get the appeal of these superhero movies, I really do. What I don’t understand all the need to make them so over-the-top. Big explosions and all that computer generated stuff. Is there even a plot? Does anyone care if there isn’t? Back in my day we told stories and every week guys like George Reeves who played Superman and Adam West as Batman, fought evil and crime the good old-fashioned way: with their wits and strength. Sure. The costumes were a bit hokey and the story lines a bit corny, but somehow it all worked. And let’s be honest, it takes a very secure man to pull off tights the way those two did back then. And here’s another thing that puzzles me about this new movie… why in tarnation are Batman and Superman fighting each other? Aren’t they both the good guys? Or is this movie supposed to show us that one is more good than the other? I will tell you what I like about this movie—that it was mostly filmed in Michigan. Now I know people will argue that the taxpayer costs don’t justify the so-called benefits, but I think we live in a pretty neat state and a lot of people who otherwise would never visit got to see that firsthand. And for once it was nice to have outsiders saying positive things about Detroit. So, if for some reason I do find myself in a dark theater watching this over-hyped blockbuster, it will be so I can see my city. As for which superhero I prefer? The one who annoys me the least, of course!

See you at the movies (or not!).

Dear Crabby

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