Dear Crabby, Why are the Amish people so primitive?

Dear Crabby,

What is the story with the Amish people? Why are they so primitive in their lifestyle?

Sincerely, Modern Mo

Dear Modern Mo,

I certainly am not an expert on the Amish people, but I can appreciate their work ethic. From what I have read these folks are Christians originally from Switzerland and were led by a pastor named Jakob Amman. Therefore, his followers were known as “Amish.” There are also Mennonites, which operate much the same way. These folks choose to live separate lives from the rest of the community and they take care of DearCrabbythemselves, too. They are not a burden to the state in any way and they actually contribute by making beautiful pieces of furniture that you can buy. They grow their own food and they make their own clothes. If half of the kids in our country could do half of that, we would be miles ahead by now! I will tell you, though I do not know all their reasons for being separate and for not using electricity or cars, I respect their ability to sustain themselves without help. I also respect that they allow their youth to choose whether or not they stay or go. I think it is a little harsh that they will shun those who leave and do not speak with them again, but again they have their reasons and they make their own rules. We took a trip to Pennsylvania and saw them in action in the fields and on the sides of the roads, and let me tell you that they are hard workers and diligent craftsmen. So, I say let them do their thing and just respect their decision to be self-sustained. It’s better than the alternative of people living off the system and not contributing when they could be. I hope that helps.

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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