Dear Crabby, Why Did the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game Get Moved?

Dear Crabby,

What are your thoughts about this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game getting moved from Atlanta to another city? I know you must have an opinion.

Felicia Flyball

Dear Felicia Flyball,

You’re in luck – I always have opinions! For those of you who have been living under a rock, or generally just don’t watch baseball, to begin with, let me fill you on the brouhaha.

Good, old Atlanta, Georgia was supposed to host the 2021 MLB All-Star game at Truist Park this July. But then Governor Brian Kemp signed a new voting law and bedlam ensued. OK, ok. Maybe ‘bedlam’ is too strong of a word, but some folks weren’t happy because they felt this new law is restrictive and unfair. And because of that, the game got yanked out of Atlanta and went looking for a new home. On Tuesday, the MLB announced the game will now be played at Coors Field in Denver. Why? Because apparently, their voting laws are more progressive. Poppycock. You wanted my opinion? OK. I’m going to tell you a few other cities that should be hosting the game.

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First of all, there is no magic formula for picking which city gets to host the All-Star game. The MLB selection committee takes things into account such as if there is a historical occasion happening around the time the game will be played. This will be the case in 2026 when the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia will host to coincide with the U.S. Semiquincentennial celebration. That just means our country will be 250 years old! Other deciding factors are if a team/city has a shiny new ballpark to show off or if it’s been a really long time since a city has hosted. Not surprisingly, those glory hogs in New York have hosted the most All-Star games, while poor Tampa Bay has never hosted. So, let’s throw Tampa Bay’s baseball cap into the ring. Every ballpark deserves at least one chance to shine. Hey. How about Detroit? It’s been 16 years since we last hosted and I think we did a pretty bang-up job with it too. Plus, everyone wants to come to Detroit these days. We’re hip. Our hometown field aside, if I was on the selection committee, I would have taken a good look at Milwaukee. Why? Because Milwaukee is the city where the great Hank Aaron got his start. He also played for Atlanta when the team moved there from Milwaukee. So, if the game won’t be played in Atlanta, then Milwaukee seems like the obvious choice. What better way to honor Aaron who passed away earlier this year?

Pesky politics aside, the fact remains that America’s favorite pastime, well, has slowly become past its prime. Even before this pandemic kicked off, TV ratings were down, along with attendance at the stadiums. That has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with rising ticket and parking prices and games that drag on for hours with little excitement. In my opinion, that’s what the MLB should be figuring out how to fix.

See ya at the ballpark … maybe.

Dear Crabby

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