Dear Crabby, Why do good things come to an end?

Dear Crabby,

I am about to have my sixth baby and I have sold off my old baby things. As I go out to look for replacements I am finding that many of my favorite pillows, swings, seats, and whatnot are all discontinued. Why is it that good things never last on the market? Have you encountered this and how have you responded?

Sincerely, Don’t Mess Wit Tess

Dear Don’tMess Wit Tess,

While I do not think that Mrs. Crabby will be having anymore children, I have actually found some of my favorite things discontinued when I did not want them to be. For example, I was a huge fan of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. These little candies were the best and were available everywhere back in the day. Now my kids have to go to some nostalgic website to order a box for me once a year- it just is not the same! I also liked my clothing styles as a young man. I used to roll up my jeans and show off my white socks and black shoes, I had that niceDearCrabby greased back hair, and of course my leather jacket. Somehow a decade or two later I only got snickers and stares when I wore these types of clothes out and about. Probably the most frustrating thing today is when they come out with a new television show and then cancel it after the first season. I get all wrapped up in the storyline and they leave us at a giant cliffhanger, only for me to read in the paper a few months later that they have cancelled the show and we will never find out what happened to our new favorite characters. I am constantly wondering things like, “Did they get off the island?” Or, “Did the aliens come back?” And, “Will that guy and that girl ever get married?” I just want to know who gets to make those decisions to cut a certain show. I envision some jerk and his wife sitting around and saying, “I don’t really like that show, let’s just cancel it!” and that is it. No voting, no committees, no polling the masses or anything. I guess a lowly guy like me may never know. I have even tried writing letters and calling people, but I never seem to make a difference. That is the other thing too, when they say this percent of America likes this, or that percent does not like this, who are they asking? No one has ever asked me! At least with this Internet we have today people can click the “like” button and sort of cast a vote if they want to. Otherwise that same old guy and his wife probably make all those decisions without us again. So good luck with baby number six and I hope you find some baby stuff that you like. Maybe you can find it online like my kids find my old-time candy!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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  1. We really miss you– Mondays aren’t the same!We agree that some jerk made the decision to pull your column from the paper—we are so glad to have FINALLY found you on the Internet!
    We are the same age as you– it’s nice to hear the same viewpoints! Keep up the good work!
    A frustrated retired psychoanalyst

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