Dear Crabby, Why Do I Always Forget Daylight Savings Time?

Dear Crabby,

I am not usually a forgetful person, yet I have always managed to forget to change my clocks for Daylight Savings Time.  How in the world can I ever get this right and remember to change my clocks before I wake up the next day?

Sincerely, Clueless Clockman

Dear Mr. Clockman,

I am with you on this one, bud!  I hate those two times of year when we have to change our clocks forward or back.  I finally learned that little saying a couple years ago that says, “Spring forward and Fall back.”  Now, at least I know that in the springtime, I will have to move forward at church and sit in the front row because I’ll be late, and in the fall, I will get to sit in the back row because I’ll be an hour early. The springtime change is the difficult one for sure.  This is the one designed by all those morning people who like to make life hard on those of us who would prefer to sleep in.  The other frustrating thing is that some of our newer clocks change automatically while some do not.  For example, my daughter got me this great new coffee maker that will change the time automatically!  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to set it in the first place, so I just manually turn it on and off.  But on that first day of jumping ahead an hour, I am already an hour late, so I have no time for coffee and I have to start the day completely exhausted!  The microwave, on the other hand, must be set manually.  Most years when I go to reset it, I accidentally set the timer instead.  Several hours later, the timer starts going off and Mrs. Crabby can’t figure out why.  Of course, once I hear it beeping I realize what I’ve done and I hit the floor laughing!  It gets me every time.  Then there is the whole evening ritual. I force myself to go to bed at the new 10 pm time, but my body isn’t tired yet, so I lay awake for what seems like hours.  Then I’m even more tired the next day than I was on that first day!  I don’t even want to get into the VCR conversation – I get so up in arms!  I always have all my shows timed perfectly on my two different, strategically placed units.  But when this time change thing happens, I start getting pieces of movies and hockey games that I’m not even interested in and I miss half the story of my regular shows!  However, of all my Daylight Savings Time complaints, I have to say the car radio clocks are my biggest pet peeve!  What kind of a moron was put in charge of how that was supposed to happen?  I never remember how to do it.  Do you turn the radio off first or on?  Then do you push and hold the seek button or are you supposed to use a ballpoint pen to push that secret little button that only my grandkids can see?  And how come the numbers only go up?  How many times can I go past the number 7 instead of stopping on it anyway?  Most years I just leave it, trying to remember that it’s correct from March to October and the rest of the year it’s an hour off, but that just adds to the frustration too! So, I certainly haven’t figured out how to make Daylight Savings Time less painful.  I just wish that I could have my portion of all that energy we are supposed to be saving with this program; then maybe I wouldn’t be so tired all the time!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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