Dear Crabby, Why do some like it hot and others like it cold?

Dear Crabby,

My wife likes her food and her drinks to be very hot, while I like things more lukewarm. Is there any hope for us to survive together?

Sincerely, Cool Hand Luke

Dear Cool Hand Luke,

I know this story all too well! My bride has always liked steaming hot food and steaming hot coffee, while I do not. It actually took us a while to figure this out about each other too. She would call when dinner was fresh out of the oven, and I would figure it would take about 15 minutes for it to cool off enough for me to be ready to eat it. She would get antsy and start telling me to hurry up and get to the table. I would finally come and just play with my food a bit until it was cool enough to eat. She thought that DearCrabbythere was something wrong with it and would be offended. It was a simple misunderstanding that was easily cleared up once we understood our differences. I think it was around our 25th wedding anniversary when we finally discovered that about each other. I’m just kidding, we figured it out before that, but not in the first week like some would imagine. She also likes the bath and shower water hot, she likes hot tubs over 105 degrees, and she likes to wash her hands in hot water. I, on the other hand, like mild showers, I like hot tubs at 100 degrees or less, and I like to wash my hands in mildly warm water. She likes the veggies to be hot and still crunchy; I like them cooled off a bit and mushy. Now the same is true about the temperature in the house. I like to keep it cool year round, but she generally likes it warm. ¬†However, that has changed with the years! She was initially cold all the time and wanted to turn down the air conditioner and turn up the furnace. Then as Mother Nature and Father Time played their games with her, she changed like the wind and was all over the map. We are all different, and women are different from men for sure. I guess the good Lord just thought it would be entertaining to watch opposites live together all these years! In my younger years, I thought if everyone in the world was exactly like me then we would have a perfect world. Then I realized that I would not have anyone to be crabby with or complain about – how boring would that be? So now I just roll with the punches and learn to enjoy our differences. Good luck, and lighten up a little!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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