Dear Crabby, Why do some people have so much stuff in their yard?

Dear Crabby,

Some people just have so much stuff out in their yard and I think it looks so tacky. Why do they like this? Is there a law against it, or could someone please make one up? Help, I’m going crazy just thinking about it again!

Sincerely, Judy Justright

Dear Mrs. Justright,

First of all I think you may need to relax a bit. Try taking a long walk or sitting in a hot tub for a while. If that doesn’t work, do what I do and sit on a bench somewhere and complain about other people in your head. As far as people putting things in their yard, I am probably not your best advisor. I have mentioned before that I am not a big yard worker, but I also like to put things out in the yard for display. My mother lost a tree once at her house in Rochester and I had a great idea. I found this man that carves statues with a chainsaw and had him carve a nice leprechaun for her. She was Irish and a huge Notre Dame fan, so every fall we donned a Notre Dame knit hat on his head. This became a local icon through the years and we started putting Red Wings hats on during the Stanley Cup Finals and even holidayDearCrabby– themed hats at it seemed appropriate. We had people all over town commenting and wondering what the leprechaun would wear next. After this, I took it a little further. I bought this statue of a Mexican gentleman pulling a donkey that we referred to as Juan Valdez. I’m not really sure why, it just seemed like it fit in her yard well. Then, of course, a barrage of plastic flowers and wind socks soon followed behind that. I will say that I stopped short of placing an old toilet out there and making it into a flowerpot! The best times were when my mother would call me up all upset and tell me that yet another group of people came by asking if she was having a yard sale! And, yes, I was that guy that still had my Christmas lights out in July and turned them on each night until one of my neighbors snuck over and took them all down behind my back. So, I guess my advice is not going to comfort you much this week. As far as the law goes, people are pretty well free to do what they wish in their own yard. I just think life would be too boring if we all had perfect yards and perfect little houses. Who would you be able to complain about then? So good luck and try my advice about learning to relax. It works for me!

Sincerely, Dear Crabby

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