Dear Crabby, Why Does Everyone Forget About Flag Day?

Dear Crabby,

Last year, I was the only person on my street to fly the Stars and Stripes for Flag Day. Do people just not know about it, or do they just not care?  

M. Erica

Dear M. Erica,

Well, just so no one forgets this year, Flag Day is Monday, June 14. In fact, it’s always recognized on June 14. Personally, I think the reason it isn’t on people’s radar is because it’s shoehorned between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. That and the fact, it’s not a national holiday. Maybe if stores had Flag Day sales, more folks would have an easier time remembering it.

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If you’re a longtime reader, you might recall when I wrote about the story behind how we got flag day. Here’s another fun tidbit: Flag Day falls during National Flag Week. Basically, we’re all supposed to reflect on the values of our nation and the valor of the military men and women who have bravely defended it. So, while I think it’s good to remember what our flag stands for, it doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. But since I have your attention, I thought I’d talk about the legend surrounding the flag. It turns out when it comes to ‘Old Glory,’ there’s a lot of fiction out there floating around.

First, let’s address the biggest lie of all – Betsy Ross didn’t create the American flag. For years we’ve all been fed a load of codswallop that Betsy stitched the symbol of patriotism of our young nation at the request of George Washington. Now, no one is denying that old Betsy knew her way around a needle and thread; there’s just no proof she had any part in coming up with the design of the flag. Talk about fake news. What I find to be a far more interesting story is how the flag got the moniker, ‘Old Glory. The name ‘Old Glory’ references a specific flag — a 17-foot by 10-foot banner that still hangs in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Old Glory belonged to a sea captain named William Driver and for 20 years that flag flew on his ship as he traveled to China, India, Gibraltar, and the South Pacific. Well, old Driver was retired when the Civil War broke out. He’d been born in Salem, Massachusetts, but moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and his neighbors didn’t like that he flew the Union flag. In fact, they kept trying to steal it, but that salty sea dog managed to foil them every time. Driver sounds like my kind of guy. It’s always fun messing with your neighbors.

So, if you want to observe Flag Day, you go right ahead. June 14 is also the Army’s 246th birthday if you want to get a cake or something. And it’s National Bourbon Day. If I were you, I’d go ahead and celebrate all three!

Long may she wave!

Dear Crabby

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