Dear Crabby, Why Does Starbucks Hate Christmas?

Dear Crabby, Plain red coffee cups this year, it must mean that Starbucks hates Christmas, right?

Sincerely, Kara T. Coffee


Dear Kara,

You must be upset at Starbucks for producing a plain red coffee cup this year during the holiday season. Many Christians have been outraged that Starbucks didn’t do a fancy paper cup, but instead brewed up a simple design, well, no design at all really, just the color red. In past years, the coffee mogul has used Christmas tree ornaments, bows, stars, snowflakes, winter scenes, snowmen, and words such as “wish” & “hope” to decorate their mugs.

All of those things remind me of Christmas, winter, and the holiday season in general.

Is this just another part of the War on Christmas?

Dear Crabby with a Laptop ComputerWell, lets look at the past cups again. Sure, ornaments, bows, and stars make me think of presents, Christmas presents to be specific; and that makes me think about money, credit card bills, and shopping until I drop. I wonder how much time Jesus spent wrapping presents – I don’t think he did – he could just perform miracles, which I bet went over better than fancy bows tied just right. Of course, winter, snowflakes, and snowmen remind me of Christmas, but really only because Christmas takes place in winter and we live in Michigan. Then the words, “wish” and “hope.” Sure enough, the holiday season comes to mind. I hope I get a good present this year and I wish it was over already.

You know, none of that is really about being Christian, it’s just stuff that commercializes the Christmas season. So, is this part of the War on Christmas and does it mean Starbucks hates Christmas … No, it’s not. In fact, I believe it’s the opposite.

Going with a plain red cup makes me think of simple. Jesus lived a simple life. The color red. Red represents the blood of Christ. White lid. The purity, wisdom, and righteousness of the Son of God. Fresh coffee. What I need before I go to church. So, for me, I believe Starbucks has finally got it right. They are celebrating the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and their plain red coffee cup should remind everyone about the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you Starbucks for being a good servant during this holiday season. I encourage all Christians to go to Starbucks, order their favorite coffee drink, and thank the barista for supporting Christians and Christmas this year – they finally got it right!

Merry Christmas,

Dear Crabby


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